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September Director’s Note – Tourism Continues to Trend Upward: The Impact and Horizon

By Tara Hill-Coursey, Tourism Manager, Caroline County Economic Development and Tourism

While it may not be surprising to many, tourism was impacted in a major way across the globe both during and post pandemic. A different outlook on this can be realized as Caroline County tourism, attractions, and places of interest have remained viable through it all. In the past year I have made an effort to connect with these stakeholders in a real way. Offering strategies, sharing insights, and listening to where they would like help from our office.

We noticed that Caroline remained a destination of choice due to our various recreation and outdoor activities. We remain a place that for many is only a short drive away and offered reprieve to those looking to get outside. Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to support our local small businesses as well. Our strategy is to keep the momentum as we’ve received wonderful feedback on how our social media and radio campaigns have helped to promote our stakeholders.

Many have become more comfortable with using technology to get the information they need. We are going to continue with a balance of those ad placements and communication along with advertising with our local news outlets as well.

Much is on the horizon as we are in position to make the case for increased funding for our area. This is of a competitive nature but nothing unobtainable. Another major focus for us during this portion of the fiscal year is rebranding ourselves. The work done around event creation and other marketable resources make this work exciting and helps to draw people in, thus being an economic driver.

As we move into Fall, there are several activities to enjoy around the county. Consider visiting JZ Farms as they unveil a new corn maze design along with a weekend at Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm for their annual festival. There are plenty of things to do!

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Caroline County Economic Development and Tourism is an office within Caroline County government. Its mission is to help businesses of all sizes thrive in the community. Tara can be reached at 410-479-0655 or

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