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CDC Launches Quarantine and Isolation Calculator

The CDC has launched a new Quarantine and Isolation Calculator, a tool to help determine how long someone needs to isolate, quarantine, or take other steps to prevent spreading COVID-19.

Quarantine and isolation guidance has been updated several times as we’ve learned more about the COVID-19 virus and different strains have become predominant. It can be hard to keep up and confusing to figure out how long an employee needs to quarantine or isolate if they test positive or have close contact with someone with the disease. This calculator can help employers and HR departments provide accurate information to their employees about proper quarantine and isolation protocols.

The calculator asks questions about symptoms, vaccination status, and the date of exposure. It takes less than a minute and provides personalized guidance based on a person’s specific situation. You can find this useful tool here, or visit, where the calculator is included in the Quick Links.

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