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May Director’s Note: Bidding Opportunities in Caroline County

Caroline County Government has many opportunities to do business with the various departments. There is a process to follow, the first step being to sign up to receive notices on the County’s “Bidding Opportunities” page The website has a way to sign up to get notices as bidding opportunities are posted, changed, or closed out.

If you provide a goods or service that the County needs that is listed in either a Request for Quote or Request for Proposal, you may receive a call from Cyndy Watts in my office. Based on direction from the County Commissioners, we’ve started to do specific, refined outreach to inform Caroline County based businesses about opportunities. Are you a plumber? We may need plumbing work in one of our buildings. Do you lay commercial grade flooring? We recently had a Request for Quote for flooring at the 4H Park.

When you are working with any government, you are dealing with public money, and rules need to be followed. We can help you with that! Nicole Pearce is the purchasing coordinator for the County, and she is happy to chat with anyone who has questions on the why’s and what-for’s of submitting an answer to a bidding opportunity.

I encourage you to sign up for the notices, even if you don’t reply to a bidding opportunity request. At least you’ll be aware of the work that the county needs, and who knows – there may be that perfect opportunity waiting for you.

FYI – We have a weekly podcast, Featured Insights with CCED, that highlights local and state information for businesses. It is loaded on all platforms and a new episode drops weekly. Search for “Featured Insights with CCED” (the last two words are important to get a direct search result).

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