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Federal Reserve Roundtable with Mr. Tom Barkin

The Rural Maryland Council held a virtual roundtable discussion with Mr. Tom Barkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Highlights of the discussion included an update on the state’s current rural economic outlook and on the issues that rural communities face.

The insightful roundtable discussion was recorded and can be viewed in the video.


About Tom Barkin
Tom Barkin is the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, a position he has held since 2018. Tom serves on the Fed’s chief monetary policy body, the Federal Open Market Committee, and is also responsible for bank supervision and the Federal Reserve’s technology organization. He is “on the ground” continually in the Fed’s Fifth District, which covers South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, D.C., West Virginia and Maryland. His engagement in the region has brought real attention to areas facing economic challenges.

About the Rural Maryland Council
The Rural Maryland Council (RMC) brings together citizens, community-based organizations, federal, state, county and municipal government officials as well as representatives of the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to collectively address the needs of Rural Maryland communities. We provide a venue for members of agriculture and natural resource-based industries, health care facilities, educational institutions, economic and community development organizations, for-profit and nonprofit corporations, and government agencies to cross traditional boundaries, share information, and address in a more holistic way the special needs and opportunities in Rural Maryland.

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