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December Director’s Note: Partnerships Make Caroline County Merry & Bright

Partnerships are key to any successful organization. I’m happy to have a great partnership with the Office of Tourism and its Executive Director Tara Coursey. The connection between economic development and tourism can be complicated, but it boils down to two things – supporting the businesses that cater to visitors and letting outside decision makers know about Caroline County’s quality of life.

Visitors to Caroline County provide economic activity that supports shops and farms and restaurants and outdoor spaces. Through Tara’s leadership, there has been greater exposure to people inside and outside of the County that drive in for the day, enjoy what we have to offer, spend their money, and then continue their travels or go back home. During the fall, great festivals and events helped to support start-ups and established businesses, and that economic churn is expected to keep happening for the holiday season.

Tara and her team are promoting the great Christmas-themed events happening in our Towns, and the specialized shopping that many of the nonprofit organizations and businesses provide. Tara points out that the State, County, and local parks are gathering spots for folks who live here and those that travel here (I applaud those hardy folks who take to the river and the trails on the cold winter days). In typical Caroline County style, visitors feel welcome wherever they travel to in the County and with whoever they meet along the way.

If you and your family are looking for a memory-making event, or if you have folks in from out of town that need to have something to do, check out And if you are a business that caters to visitors, please reach out to me so that we learn about your operation.

I wish everyone a joyous holiday and a great start to 2022! Thank you for all that you do for Caroline County.

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Caroline County Economic Development is a department within Caroline County government. Its mission is to help businesses thrive in the community. Debbie can be reached at 410-479-4188 or


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