Caroline County Economic Development

Caroline County celebrates Small Business Week

The heart of a community’s economy is the small businesses. The owners, employees, patrons, and customers are connected through more than a financial transaction, and in Caroline County, that fact is particularly true. Almost all businesses in the county are technically defined as “small,” by revenue or employment size. But no matter what product or service a Caroline county business provides, it is part of a community.

This week, Caroline County Commissioners acknowledge and recognize the hard-working men and women who have the businesses that built the foundation of the county’s economy. We celebrate their accomplishments, whether it is a business that was started 55 years ago by a young man fresh out of the service or a new business startup by a woman who is embarking on a second career. We celebrate the hairstylists and restaurant owners, the landscapers and accountants, the nurse practitioners, and the convenience store operators.

Starting and running a business is not easy. It takes courage to put one’s money and time into a venture that has a risk of failure. The leadership in Caroline County government acknowledge the dedication to improving oneself and community is evident in the small businesses in the county.

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