Caroline County Economic Development

Caroline County Celebrates Economic Development Week

Caroline County is celebrating Economic Development Week from September 30th – October 4th. Each year, the Maryland Economic Development Association, of which the Caroline Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is a member, designates a week to focus on the importance and impact of economic development throughout the state. The Caroline County Commissioners have issued a proclamation in support of the CEDC and Economic Development Week.

The CEDC has planned several events throughout the week. On October 2nd, the CEDC is hosting a Partner Recognition reception to thank those who work directly and indirectly to support economic development efforts. This event will include elected officials, staff members from the towns, county, and state, and allied agencies such as the Health Department, Public Schools, and Workforce Investment Board, among others.

“Economic development is all about helping businesses grow and succeed,” says Angela Visintainer, Director of Economic Development for the CEDC. “When a business wants to come to Caroline County or expand the operations they already have here, there are so many people who play an important role in the process. It’s truly a team effort, so it’s important to recognize the work that everyone puts in.”

Another event taking place on October 3rd is an initial planning meeting for the creation of an Engineering Development Program. This program will be a partnership between the CEDC, Caroline businesses, and Caroline County Public Schools to develop and retain local engineering talent. “We have incredibly talented kids in the high schools’ pre-engineering programs. If we can provide these kids with internships while they’re in high school and college, we have a good chance of seeing them return to the area for full-time employment once they have their degrees,” says Visintainer.

Finally, the CEDC will be issuing a special edition of The Vantage, a monthly newsletter that features economic development news for Caroline County. The CEDC encourages the public to subscribe to The Vantage. Anyone interested in receiving the newsletter may email the CEDC office at

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