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August Director’s Note: Business & Community Go Hand in Hand

What is a business? What is community? Short simple questions that have long complicated answers. But one thing is certain – in Caroline County, business and community go hand in hand.

This month that partnership will be demonstrated in a long-standing event curated by the Caroline County Recreation and Parks and the Town of Denton – Caroline Summerfest. This year’s event – the 33rd Annual – will be held the evenings of August 19 and 20, 2022 in downtown Denton. There will be music and food, stuff for the kids, and fireworks.

Summerfest participants get a chance to support local nonprofits in the best way possible – buying food. Local artisans (many of them are small business owners) perform for an enchanted audience. And the folks (again small business owners) who have side hustles in arts & crafts and nice wares are able to meet their customers one on one in the streets of Denton.

The free festival is a draw for people in county and from outside of the county. The corporate sponsors show their community support by connecting their brands with summer, festival, fun – and Caroline!

We’ve had some hot Summerfest days recently, but hopefully the weather will not prevent you and your family from attending to support your community and businesses.

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Caroline County Economic Development and Tourism is an office within Caroline County government. Its mission is to help businesses of all sizes thrive in the community. Debbie can be reached at 410-479-4188 or

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