Caroline County Economic Development

What’s Up at the CEDC?

Whenever someone new takes the helm of an organization, people are always interested to hear how things will change and what the new leader’s goals and priorities are. I’ve had a chance to discuss my plans with many folks, but I thought it would be a good idea to share a bit more information about my vision and plans for economic development in Caroline County.

Priority #1: Workforce development

Businesses are most successful when they have great people at every level in their organization. With rapid advancements in technology and globalization, a region’s workforce must be dynamic. This requires strong resources for training and education, as well as strong coalitions between businesses, schools, and governmental agencies.

Priority #2: Working with existing Caroline businesses to help them stay strong, healthy, and HERE!

This is the best part of my job. Working with businesses to help them solve problems or to grow and expand is incredibly rewarding. It means that hard working people will keep their jobs, and hopefully even have new opportunities open up for them.

Priority #3: Branding Caroline County as a great place to do business

Marketers like to use the word “branding” because it makes us sound smart, but branding is really just story telling. Telling the stories of Caroline County’s innovation, opportunities, and great way of life helps attract businesses and talented workers to our area. It also lets those of us who are already here learn about new opportunities, whether that’s a great career move or the chance to start a business that meets local needs.

What about business attraction?

Attracting new and expanding businesses to Caroline County is also an important part of my job, but focusing on the three priorities listed above will get us pretty far in that effort. The number one factor businesses consider when they relocate to a new area is the local workforce. By making workforce development a priority, the CEDC is not only serving existing businesses, we’re building up our strongest asset to attract new companies. Keeping existing businesses strong also ensures that we maintain a vibrant local economy that can support new companies that come to Caroline. And of course, branding is how we let the world know that we’re here and open for business.

I am so excited about all the great things happening here in Caroline County. I’m honored to be in a position to help businesses and my fellow citizens pursue new opportunities. Check back here often to stay current on all the latest economic development news!

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