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Caroline Ambassadors

CCED is actively recruiting local business leaders to serve as Caroline Ambassadors. If you would like to connect with businesses considering expansion or relocation to Caroline County, please visit the Ambassadors page, or contact CCED to learn more.

Case Studies

Market Street Pub


Proprietor Brian Tyler use the Caroline County Small Business Loan Program to open the most popular watering hole in downtown Denton.

THE MARKET STREET PUBLIC HOUSE is a restaurant and bar located in downtown Denton. When proprietors Brian Tyler opened “The Pub”, as it is affectionately referred to by locals, the Caroline Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) helped him apply for funding through the Caroline County Small Business Loan program. This revolving loan fund helps Caroline businesses close the gap in their funding needs after they have already arranged traditional financing. These loans are typically used by businesses for equipment purchases, inventory purchases, and/or working capital. The Pub has successfully used their Caroline County Small Business Loan to establish the most popular watering hole in downtown Denton.

What’s next for The Pub?

Long-term plans for The Pub include a microbrewery expansion. In 2012, CCED worked with The Pub and County and State elected officials to draft legislation that allows microbreweries to be established in Caroline County. This paves the way for The Pub to create its own brews onsite, which will add a unique element to their already outstanding selection of beers. This legislation has also opened the door for other microbreweries to launch in Caroline County and become part of the increasingly vibrant craft beer scene on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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MTri Gas & Oil


Caroline County’s largest energy company works with the CEDC to secure new rail access critical for ongoing growth and expansion.

TRI-GAS & OIL IS A FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS that has grown to become a leading fuel supplier throughout the Delmarva region, serving residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. TG&O’s product lines include propane, conventional heating oil, kerosene, diesel, bio-diesel, and other alternative fuels.

Throughout its 50-year history, TG&O has seen steady growth. Recently, the company sought to acquire new rail access in order to expand its supply and distribution network to keep pace with customer demands. TG&O contacted CCED for help, and the two organizations worked together to secure a rail siding within 15 miles of TG&O headquarters.

Adding additional rail service to TG&O’s distribution system has allowed the company to increase its market share and maintain its exceptional customer service. The company’s service area now includes agricultural customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

What’s next for Tri Gas & Oil?

TG&O continues to expand geographically. The company has also made several key acquisitions that have helped grow its service business and appliance sales. Increasingly, TG&O is a one-stop-shop for a customer base that values the company’s reliability and stellar customer service.

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