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Seaberry Farm Becomes a Leader in the East Coast Flower Market

After 16 years of studying and working at Cornell University, Drs. Richard and Wenfei Uva moved to Caroline County to pursue their dream of starting a farm. With Richard’s doctorate in horticulture and Wenfei’s doctorate in horticultural business management and marketing, the couple was well prepared to launch Seaberry Farm just outside Federalsburg.

Seaberry Farm is best known for its woody cut branches that are used in large, high-end floral arrangements. This specialty has made Seaberry Farm a leading supplier to the high-end floral market. Floral arrangements are also available from the farm direct-to-consumers for weddings and other events. Finally, the farm produces a variety of seasonal fruits, including the beach plum, a tasty and nutritious “super food”.

Seaberry Farm leveraged the Caroline County Small Business Loan Program to help their business grow. They used the loan to acquire a large industrial cooler that keeps floral arrangements and fruit fresh. This equipment was critical in enabling the business to scale up.

It is a great example of value-added agri-business success in Caroline County!

Seaberry Farms flowers

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