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Manufacturing in Caroline County

Manufacturers belong in Caroline County

Caroline County is home to a diverse community of manufacturers. From guitars to plastics, chemicals to structural steel, Caroline County is the place to be!

Top 3 reasons manufacturing belongs here

Workforce Investment

Caroline County is investing in a manufacturing workforce for the future. Our rural character produces hard-working problem solvers.

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Proximity to Markets

Caroline County is a prime location for shipping hubs and logistical centers, with proximity to major ports and metro markets (a total of 6 within 200 miles). Despite the county’s prime location, costs of land and labor are very favorable.

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Manufacturing Incentives

Both Caroline County and the State of Maryland offer strong incentives for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is a top priority.

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Ready to get started?

Workforce & Incentives

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Manufacturing Workforce

Manufacturing has always been a major employment sector in Caroline County. We continue to invest heavily in our manufacturing workforce. Caroline County Public Schools’ Advanced Manufacturing Professionals (AMP) program is preparing high school students for manufacturing careers. There is a growing pipeline of workers from the Chesapeake College Skilled Trades Program, as well.

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Resources & Incentives

The Caroline County Manufacturing Tax Credit and Federalsburg Manufacturing Tax Credit incentivize companies that invest in real property expansions and improvements. The state also offers tax credits and incentives through the Federalsburg Enterprise Zone and North County Enterprise Zone. If you’re a manufacturer, Caroline County is where you belong. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Manufacturing Success Stories