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Agri-business in Caroline County, MD

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Agri-business in Caroline County, MD

Driving Innovation: Agri-business belongs in Caroline County

Business-savvy entrepreneurs are driving agricultural innovations in Caroline County. We’ve been an agricultural community for more than 300 years. This legacy, combined with our proximity to major markets, makes Caroline County a leader in the business of ag, including value-added, commodity markets, and logistical support.

Top 3 Reasons Agri-business Belongs Here

Vast Ag Network

Agriculture is the largest industry in the region, so you’ll find a wealth of resources and support services nearby.

Ag-Friendly Policies

Favorable zoning policies and tax rates on agricultural land make Caroline County an incredibly affordable place to build farm-based businesses.

Proximity to Markets

Products grown and made in Caroline County are locally sourced in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic for three major metro markets, each within 100 miles. We’re within 200 miles of three additional major markets, as well.

Let’s grow together!

Resources & Incentives

Caroline County is at the center of a multi-billion-dollar agricultural industry on the Delmarva Peninsula at the heart of the Mid-Atlantic. Our local economy is geared toward agriculture. You’ll have your choice of suppliers for inputs, equipment, logistics, and other services.

MARBIDCO Financial Incentive

The Maryland Agricultural & Resource Based-Industry Development Corporation, aka MARBIDCO, is a quasi-state agency that offers loans and grants for agricultural businesses.

University of Maryland Extension – Caroline County

Known locally as the Caroline Ag Extension office, the University of Maryland Extension – Caroline County is centrally located in Denton, MD, and is staffed with dedicated, friendly local experts, many of whom are regularly out in the field.

The Caroline Ag Extension strives to deliver “Solutions in your community” by providing educational programs and problem-solving assistance based on the research and experience of land grant universities on agricultural production, natural resources, food safety, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, youth development, volunteer development and agricultural nutrient management.  This is accomplished via consultations, fact sheets, community 4-H clubs and programs for youth, workshops, courses, and newsletters.

Agri-business Success Stories