Caroline County Economic Development

Key Industries in Caroline County, MD

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Growing businesses belong in Caroline County

We are here to support all of our businesses, but certain industries have additional resources available thanks to our rich history. When it comes to workforce, incentives, and other strategic advantages, you’ll find that Caroline County is exactly where you belong!

manufacturing facility


Our long history as a hub for specialty manufacturers has resulted in a workforce and local policies that are ideal for growing companies.

trucks on a highway

Logistics, Distribution & Fulfillment

Our proximity to your customers (and their customers) can’t be beat. We’re close to major metro markets, highways, and ports, all from a rural setting with open roads.

produce in a grocery store


We are driving agricultural innovation right here, right now. With over 300 years of agricultural heritage, Caroline County offers an incredible depth of networks and resources to help modern ag-based businesses thrive.

a desk, computer and chairs

The Freelancer, The Side Hustler, The Entrepreneur

Community businesses are the heart and soul of Caroline County, and it is the perfect place to begin your journey as a business owner.