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JZ Farms Goes from Ag to Tourism to Diversify its Revenue Stream

Young entrepreneurs Jane and Zach Blough saw a need to do something different to help sustain their family. The Bloughs wanted to diversify their existing successful portfolio of businesses and leverage their own assets. They already operated a poultry farm and a landscaping business, and discovered that there is a market for outdoor, country-themed attractions for the holiday season. Thus, JZ Farms Fall Fest and Winterfest were started.  

Situated on the family‚Äôs farm, Fall Fest and Winterfest attract kids and families from the Mid-Atlantic area to enjoy outdoor fun with games and activities. The owners researched the market and visited similar locations, then went to work building their own. Zach and Jane had already started two other businesses, so they understood the challenges and leveraged the lessons they learned to make the opening of JZ Farms Fall Fest a success! 

True entrepreneurs at heart, the JZ Farms is becoming well known as the fall and winter ag-tourism destination in Caroline County – and beyond. We look forward to the next venture that this young business-oriented couple have in mind!

JZ Farms at sunset

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