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January 2021 Director’s Note

Last issue, I talked about the importance of partnerships. At the time, I didn’t realize just how important partnerships are. Allow me to share a story.

I have the pleasure of participating with the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education through the Caroline County Public Schools. Essentially this program helps certain students learn what it takes to prepare for college and career, and some of those students could be eligible for higher education grants. I work with the CCPS coordinate, Morgan Cox.

One component of the program is to take students on tours of employers in Caroline County. Morgan had set up a day in Denton with three employers, and one of them had to cancel. Four days before the tour. Morgan reached out to me, and in two days, my office was hosting almost 40 kids to talk about small business, entrepreneurship, and working in the County. The team – Kendall Teague, Chris Dorr, and Zach Blough – all stepped up and did presentations off the top of their heads to give the kids insight into what it takes to run your own business.

It was a success. Morgan reported that a third of the students said our stop was the most interesting. More importantly, and it is something we may never know, we gave information to a student that could help them take a path to success that they would not have otherwise known.

I thank Morgan for thinking of us. I thank Kendall and Chris for pitching in to make the day successful. And I thank Zach for coming in completely last minute to share his views on how to be a successful business owner.

By the way – if you want to learn more about helping Morgan and the Business Roundtable, reach out to her at 410-788-0333 or

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