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Blough’s Seafood

If you know anything about the Eastern Shore of Maryland, it’s that we take our seafood pretty seriously. With that in mind, last week we visited with Glenn Blough, the owner of Blough’s Seafood in Denton.

Over the years, Glenn worked in a few different industries but nothing satisfied him quite like being on the water. Armed with a passion, he set out to start his own seafood business and would not dream of doing it anywhere but Caroline County. He and his wife started out of their home seven years ago, only selling about five pounds of crab meat a week. Despite the economic downturn of the past few years that was coupled with some of the toughest seasons the seafood industry has ever seen, the owners of Blough’s Seafood have not just survived the rough waters – they’ve thrived and are now selling anywhere from 80-120 pounds of crab meat a week.

Blough’s Seafood has grown almost exclusively through word of mouth by offering fast service, competitive prices, and the best customer service around. They offer crabs steamed or prepared in just about any way one could imagine. From personal experience, I can tell you the homemade crab cakes are some of the best in town. Once the warm summer months are over, they quickly shift gears as the oyster season begins. Did I mention everything he sells is local? If he isn’t able to catch the seafood himself he is only willing to purchase from other local vendors.

Glenn has a small but mighty army helping him at his shop. If you don’t have a taste for crabs or oysters, that’s not a problem for them. They offer just about any other kind of seafood you can think of from lobster to fillets and whole fish. Even with all that going on, he manages to have the cleanest seafood operation I have ever seen.

We are proud to have passionate entrepreneurs like Glenn call Caroline County home. Give him a call or stop by!

Open 7 days a week until 6pm

9620 New Bridge Road

Denton, MD

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