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5 Marketing Strategies for Success


We came across this article, 35 Ways to Grow Your Brand by Isadora Badi on one of our most-visited sites,, and couldn’t wait to share it. While the whole article is loaded with helpful ideas for marketing, we’ve pulled out our five favorites:

1.   Adapt your formula to meet consumer concerns: Once, Aspartame was OK. Now, consumers are worried it might be dangerous for their health. PepsiCo has announced it will stop using aspartame as a sweetener in its drinks.

This is a tricky one so be careful. You will not please everyone all the time; however, if you start to hear the same concerns voiced over and over, start taking steps to reassure the customer you have their best interest at heart, even if that means rethinking an entire recipe..

2.   Dominate your vertical: Planters knows everything about peanuts; therefore, Planter’s Peanut Butter must be great.

Once you develop a solid market for your product or service, and a trusting relationship with your customers, they may assume you are an expert in your industry. Treat this trust with great care, and cultivate it as it will allow you to expand your market and customer base down the road.

3.   Become a sponsor: P&G’s sponsorship of the 2012 London Olympic Games alongside its “Thank you mom” campaign offered heart-warming ads featuring athletes and their families.

While we can’t all sponsor the Olympic Games, there are always opportunities you can take advantage of, even on a limited budget. Strategically using sponsorship dollars will do much more for your brand than mailers and newspaper ads; they tell your customers that you support your community, and that is worth its weight in gold.

Need sponsorship ideas?

  • How about sponsoring a youth sports team that places your business name on a dozen little jerseys?
  • Check with local non-profits to see what they offer in terms of an affiliate membership or event sponsorship.
  • Keep an eye on local community events such as festivals or races that are in need of sponsorship funding.
  • Look into sponsoring professional events within your own industry.

4.   Show you truly care: Become the Zappos in your industry. Make customer care your thing, and go above and beyond. Your clients will come back—and bring their friends.

Have you ever heard the saying “good news travels fast; bad news travels faster”? That’s particularly true in this age of social media. When a customer has a bad experience, this will be shared with friends, family, and anyone who will listen.  Granted, you will never be able to please everyone; however, consistent, reliable customer service builds your reputation over time. If someone does have a bad experience, do everything you can to make it right, even if you are not at fault. Remember: word of mouth can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

5.   Be an authority in your field: Rachel Zoe started as a stylist, telling people what to wear and creating a name as an expert in fashion. Once she launched her fashion line, it became an instant success.

Remember how your customers presume you are the expert? Focus on what you are good at it and become the expert. Don’t let your vision become clouded with ideas that do not fit into your area of expertise. Once you have established a solid customer base, you can begin to expand your products or services slowly, methodically, and strategically. Starting out too broad and growing too fast are mistakes that will have the opposite desired effect.

Have time for more? Check out the other tips in the article, and browse around this helpful website that may become one of your favorites too.

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